Daniel Marcinko

Entrepreneur & Leader

About Daniel Marcinko

Daniel Marcinko’s career is a long story of success, to say the least. But it’s not so much the achievements or accomplishments that impress upon a single conversation with him (though, these certainly tell of his excellence) but rather his clear people-first and life-loving mentality.

Daniel graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and later from Webster University with a Master of Business Administration. With this in mind, Daniel moved into a career that complimented his education quite well, eventually growing to become the Director of Parks & Public Works for the City of Snoqualmie in Washington state. With his keen sense of leadership and love of leading teams to success, Daniel entered into this role fresh off the heels of this role as Regional Construction Manager for Walgreens in Deerfield, Illinois. With oversight provided on budgets ranging from $20-$45 million, Daniel knew he was ready to take on a new challenge and continue to hone his skills.

During his incredibly successful career, Daniel Marckino was awarded Rotary President two years in a row and Best City Employee of the Year in 2014 for his work as Director of Parks & Public Works in Snoqualmie.

All throughout his career, Daniel has always been keenly aware of the entrepreneurial-spirit that resides in him. A lover of strategic management and creative problem-solving, Daniel always knew that he would eventually take the step and start his own business, too — something that would only deepen his love and passion for entrepreneurship. With this in mind, Daniel and his wife have recently begun managing their own hemp farm. A believer in the importance of organic medicine and the benefits that hemp can provide in regards to clothing, building materials, etc. Daniel Marcinko enjoys the entrepreneurial aspect of it as much as he does the benefits it can provide to local communities. Although Daniel is incredibly grateful for his time working for the City of Snoqualmie, he says he’s really happy with his choice to pass the reigns on to someone else and take the time to focus on his family a bit more – something he can do with the free time his business allows him.

“For me, entrepreneurship has to be about solving a problem and not just making a quick buck — at the intersection of revenue and relationships is really where I thrive.”

In addition to his career, Daniel and his family rescue Alaskan Malamutes. He has three kids – all of which are currently pursuing their passions in college, and he is also a seasoned square dancer. “It’s just good family fun.” Says Daniel Marcinko. “And there’s even a video out there of a time I was in Canada engaging in an impromptu guys vs. girls dance off.”

Be sure to check back as Daniel Marcinko writes about tips & tricks on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the need-to-know info on the rapidly changing industry.